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Behind the Music

Squingy is regarded by many as one of the forefathers of modern day U.K hip hop and in 2004 Squingy founded Suspect Entertainment which would later go on to be Known as the infamous USG. Squingy has been recognised by not only his peers but also fans and critics alike for being the brains behind the USG Entertainment record label.


In early 2005 Suspect Entertainment released their first project “Under Surveillance Volume 1” which became an instant classic. Squingy recognised the potential that the collective had and made use of new technology when the rest of the industry was slow to catch on taking their music videos to sharing platforms such as Youtube where they gained millions of views within a matter of weeks and a loyal fan base soon followed. “Under Surveillance Volume 2” and Squingy’s solo projects “Wrighty’s First Son” were released soon after as the momentum behind USG grew.


After these releases Squingy took a more behind the scenes approach and helped masterminded many of the artist careers which led to K Koke being signed to Roc Nation and eventually Geko getting a deal with Universal. In Late 2014 Squingy teamed up with Kool G Rap and his record label “Full Mettle” and they released Squingy’s solo project “cloudy skies’’ in 2015 and soon after started work on 2 other solo project which were planned to be released in the 4th quarter of 2018.


In the summer of 2018 Squingy released “Fighter” which featured Hip Hop legends Norega and Kool G Rap and was met with great appreciation form fans and critics alike. Through Full Mettle Squingy eventually teamed up with Ilu Grace a pop RnB band based in Japan and they performed together at the Japanese Expo festival in France.


Squingy and Ilu Grace liked working with each other so much that they decided to work on a joint project which lead to the “Far East Meets West’’ Album being born and released in the summer of 2018.


Through Squingy appreciation of Japanese music and culture Squingy ended up working with many Japanese based Hip Hop artist such as Ish-One, EGO and Y’s to name a few these song have gone on to form “Far East Meets West” part 2 which is planned for release in the summer of 2020. To this present day on January 20th 2020 Squingy released his 6th solo project entitled ‘’Play Your Position’’ and is already receiving great support out in China with the Album being added to home page banners and new releases sections on one of China’s biggest streaming platform QainQain Music and also add to MV Box home page and streaming playlists.

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